Sara teaches in Oxford on the Chalemie Summer School of Early Music, Comedia del Arte and Baroque Dance.

Sara has also led adult courses at Little Benslow Hills and for regional EARLY MUSIC FORA.  Sara taught on the Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools with ensemble Sirinu for many years and in 2009 Sara was invited to lead contemporary vocal technique workshops in Cyprus by the Cyprus Ministry of Culture.
Dou way Robin – medieval monophonic songs from France, England, Italy, Spain and Germany.

  Students have the opportunity to explore a diverse repertoire of mostly monophonic song from 1100 to 1300.  This includes music by Hildegard of Bingen, songs of the Trouveres and Troubadors, Cantigas de Santa Maria and Summer and Winter songs of the Minnesinger Neidhardt von Reuental.   Sara will also present some early motets in parts particularly those on the theme of Robin and Marion.  This workshop was first presented to the North West Early Music Forum.

‘Drake’s Progress’ – Francis Drake’s Musical Circumnavigation of the Globe.

Western and non-western instruments and dances.  Performed in collaboration with the Early Music Network & Stratford Festival education.

‘All Goodly Sports’ – music, dances and instruments from Henry VIII’s court.  

This workshop has been given at many schools, for the Wigmore Hall Education Department and at Hampton Court.

From Bawds to Bards – Music & Dance in Shakespearean England  

Sara’s workshop explores the music and dance of the Tudor period.   Children learn a variety of Tudor dances  – from court and country and see and hear popular instruments of the day.

In all workshops children can explore, discover, compare and try to play some of the instruments which can include crumhorns, cornemuses, pipe & tabor, recorders, harpsichord, viol , hurdy-gurdy and harp.