Early Music

Current programmes
Lute and voice recital programmes
FLOWER OF THE THE RENAISSANCE  Golden Age lute songs and pieces from England, France, Spain and Italy. Frottole, chansons, fantasias, songs and other instrumental pieces  by Cabezon, Luis da Milan, Alonso Mudarra, Thomas Morley and John Dowland.
TUNES FOR TROUBLED TIMES – Music from the Civil War. Harpsichord pieces from the Anne Cromwell Virginal Book, instrumental music and masque songs by Lawes, topical broadside ballads, lute solos by Jacques Gaultier.
FROM BAWDS TO BARDS – The earliest versions of Shakespeare songs by Robert Johnson; tunes mentioned in the plays – sung and accompanied on the lute.  Instrumental pieces played on lute and harpsichord;  broadside ballads and instrumental dances from Playford.
Ensemble Sirinu programmes 
PIAE CANTIONES – A Scandinavian Christmas programme. Songs and instrumental pieces from the Scandinavian song book of 1582. Sirinu perform traditional English carols alongside their Scandinavian originals – music for voices, violin, hurdy-gurdy, bells, recorder, lute, keyboard
HANDEL  AND THE MUSIC OF GIN LANE – Sirinu takes as its inspiration the benevolent work of Handel and Hogarth in this programme of contrasting music from 18th century London at the time of the Gin Act.  Sonatas and songs by Arne, Galliard and Handel for soprano, violin, hurdy-gurdy and harpsichord are contrasted with rough music for the charivari band of street instruments.
THE KNIGHT’S TALE – Troubadours songs, motets, minnesinger songs and instrumental estampies played on harp, hurdy-gurdy, medieval fiddle, keyboard, citole, percussion and voice from the time of Magna Carta.  The thread through our concert is the Knight William Marshal during whose long life five monarchs reigned, including Eleanor of Aquitaine and King John.